If you still haven’t seen the Glamour of the Gods, you have time until the end of October. This exhibition is a celebration of Hollywood portraiture from the industry’s Golden Age, the period 1920-1960. It features 70 photographs of stars such as Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Most of them are vintage prints which are being displayed for the fist time.

The exhibition is at the National Portrait Gallery in London until the 23rd October 2011.


Taschen are reissuing Andre de Dienes, Marilyn, one of the finest photography books on Monroe, in a compact, two-volume edition with slip-cover.

Isbn 978383652710-1, Hardcover in 2 slipcases, 848 pages.

The collection shows photos and secret memoirs of Marilyn Monroe’s first photographer and lifelong friend Adre de Dienes. He started to photograph her during their many adventures together in every possible natural setting in his original, inspired style. He soon built up a huge portfolio of stunning photographs which helped to launch her model career and, a few years later, a film career that was to make her a legend.

The memoirs tell a beautiful story of love and friendship from the point of view of someone who knew Marilyn intimately; describing the transformation from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe.